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    Hi All,

    I used Landscape theme for the site here : http://mag.afroscandic.com/ and I would appreciate your views on the followings :

    A. I have not placed anything in the widget “Header Right”  and “Secondary sidebar” Do you think that visitors will be able to see this empty spaces showing the messages “This is the widget area in the header”  and “This is the secondary sidebar if you are using a three column site layout option” on my site ?


    B. Is there any other thing that visitor could easily see that could make them think that the site is not professional enough?


    C. Inaddition, I would appreciate your suggestions that could make this work better.


    Thanks in advance!






    If the widget areas are empty, the visitors will not be able to see that anything is “missing”. So no, they won’t see the empty spaces.

    I would suggest that on your homepage, the gallery widget area should have thumbnails stretching across the width of the page. Having only two does make it look incomplete.

    Also, once I click on a gallery to view it, there is no navigation menu to help me move around the site. It may be intentional that you did that? But once I leave the home page, it seems that the only place I have left to go is back to the home page.


    I do the best I can with what I’ve got. (say hey on twitter)



    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your feedback and I would send the $.02 very soon :)

    1. You are very right about the gallery widget to stretch across the width. I have not done that because, I have got only 3 posts and it seems that it is connected with how many number of posts that would show there.

    2. I stylishly make it so that the front page does not have navigation menu so that it could probably give a unique look of how a front page of a print magazine usually look.


    How to move around easily on the site is a concern but, where would you suggest that I should have the navigation buttons so that the home page can still have a nice looking front page just like the front page of a normal print magazine?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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