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    Hi all — I just resolved a problem that may strike some of you too so I thought I would post what happened and what the solution was. I have been using AgentPress 2 for quite a while with IDXBroker as my IDX plugin. Then I upgraded to Platinum. The old IDXBroker required you to add some code to the functions.php file just before the
    /** Register widget areas*/
    as follows between the dashed lines I’ve added for clarity:


    * Add IDX Broker Start and Stop tags for wrapping

    add_action(‘genesis_before_loop’, ‘idxbroker_start’);
    function idxbroker_start() {
    echo idx_start();
    add_action(‘genesis_after_loop’, ‘idxbroker_stop’);
    function idxbroker_stop() {
    echo idx_stop();

    IDXBroker Platinum has changed the way the start and stop tags are added – per IDXBroker these tags are on each page and no longer need to be in the functions.php file. The effect was to mess up my sidebars on results pages so that the sidebar would not show up until after all the IDXBroker results because it messed up the “div”s. (I am now officially beyond my pay grade so don’t ask me to explain more.)

    I removed the code from the functions.php file and it now works perfectly.

    Since some of you may be upgrading like me rather than doing a new IDXBroker Platinum installation, I thought I’d pass this on so others don’t go through the same frustration.

    And many thanks to Nick who helped to figure this out!!!


    Thanks for the tip. As this is not a support question, but a tip, I’m going to change it from “resolved”, so it won’t be closed.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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