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    I know there have been discussions before about issues with IE8 and images. But I’ve found the bit of ‘offending’ CSS code that causes IE8 to squish images width-wise. And since I’m dealing with Parallax theme, I don’t want to do something that will cause all the images to look awful in all other browsers.

    This is what is looks like by default.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is what it looks like when I comment out the CSS code I believe is causing the problem. Obviously, the other problem is that the image is too large width-wise. But at least its not being squashed.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The CSS code that is causing it to be squished is

    embed, iframe, img, object, video, .wp-caption {
    	max-width: 100%;

    When I comment out that code, the image isn’t squished.

    Obviously, the code is important. So how do I fix this so images don’t squish in IE8 and nothing else breaks with my Parallax Pro theme?


    So I found a “fix” that will work if all else fails. But frankly I’d rather find a solution I can do in CSS or elsewhere so I don’t have to fix each and every photograph that gets uploaded to my WP site.

    If I go in and remove the explicit “width” and “height” attributes that WP places on images, then the image will render fine in IE8 and all browsers. You can see the screenshot below.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    However, like I said, I have to actually remember to REMOVE something that WP automatically places in the code when I embed an image on a post or page. So if anyone knows of a CSS or other fix that will resolve the issue in IE8 without screwing up the responsiveness of the images in all other browsers, I’d appreciate it.



    Hi Kary,

    (I’ve had some issues with IE versions before (haven’t we all?) but can’t claim to be anything near expert on this.)

    Try as i might, I could not get Parallax to do this. Perhaps because I’m using WP 3.9?

    Longshot: Perhaps because Parallax style.css is a different version?
    (Doc compares aren’t a simple exercise due to slightly different formatting between files)

    • StudioPress Demo: Version: 1.0.1
    • Your version: Version: 1.0 (if you didn’t renumber from the original)
    • Current download: Version: 1.0
    • Original download: Version: 1.0 (2014-02-04)

    Another longshot: is this a possible artifact of IE compatibility mode? Sridhar has a tut here:

    … with reference to a good post on StackOverflow. There’s briefer explanation found here:

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    Thanks for the heads up. It seems what you’re describing is a different issue entirely…and a serious one. However, after looking online a bit, it seems that the issue I’m talking about was a big problem with IE8 as well as its inability to (or persnickety-ness) of rendering opacity. But that’s another problem for another discussion.

    I can and probably will include the function code described in your article in my theme. But if IE8 doesn’t render that CSS code appropriately, then anyone visiting the site with IE8 will experience the problem.

    A bigger problem IMO: anyone dealing with a responsive design (all current Genesis themes) will is having this same bug on their site but may not know it.

    Luckily, IE9, 10 and 11 don’t have this bug. But as we remember from the good old, bad old days of IE6, people sometimes have a hard time updating their browsers…particularly within companies and such won’t allow them to do it themselves. BTW, I learned of this problem because my husband works for a Fortune 50 company (actually a top 10 company) and yes…they are still using IE8. So its not like its only loser companies and low-lying fruit who are browsing the web with obsolete browsers. Apparently, it costs millions of dollars to change something this simple. So change is slow to happen.

    But back to the bug….

    If I’m correct…then anyone here in Genesis land who is using a responsive design, is actually having the same problem I am seeing, but may not know it.

    I think there should be a fix. Unfortunately, what I’ve found lately is that in order to get an answer from support around here, we have to actually submit a ticket — which seems silly. But if they need to answer the same question 10X because 10 different people submitted support tickets instead of having the question and answer discussed publicly, so be it. i’m off to write a support ticket.

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