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    Is there a way to do an image logo rather than the text logo on AgentPress?


    Chris Cree

    You can upload a header image with Agent Press. Go to Appearance –> Header and upload an image there. An image that is 960px wide by 125px high will give you the best results. Then you can just put your logo on the left side of that header image.


    Green Being

    I have a logo image that is 612px X 126px that I want to insert into the header section.  I do use the Appearance>Header dialogue, but cannot get the process to stop cropping the image to 400px in width.  I did override the .header-image #title-area CSS width to 612 and this shows up as being successful in Firebug and the image area did grow to 612px according to my screen ruler, but the image is still cropped to 400px.  Thoughts?

    Oh yes, I am using the AgentPress theme.



    I’m dealing with a similar issue and wondering if you guys have found the answer.

    I want to display my client’s company logo ( as a .GIF sized 157 x 73 pixels ) at the top, left-hand corner, and allow the background to show through behind the logo and Search bar. Using the upload ‘header image’ option, it displays it with a 960 x 125 pixels image with the logo and a black background. With ‘Inspect Element,’ it appears that it should be able to go in the ‘title’ or ‘title-area’ …area. Perhaps, there’s a way to upload the logo there or override the ‘header image’ dimensions? Any help would be greatly-appreciated!

    Direct link:

    This is a screen grab of what I’m seeing with ‘Inspect Element:’

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