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    I am using the default Genesis theme. I placed an image on a page and reduced its size to fit the layout. In WordPress admin it looked that way it should. In the browser, the image is the same size as the larger original file.

    Taking at look at the CSS I see:

    img {
    height: auto;
    width: auto;

    Deleting that CSS will let the image be the size specified. But before customize the CSS, I want to know what the purpose for it in the first place. There might be some good reason for it. Anyone know what the purpose for this is and the risk in deleting it?



    What do you mean Default Genesis theme? Do you mean the Sample Child Theme because Genesis doesn’t have a default theme. I cannot answer the other question you pose here. But maybe SP can if they come to the forum. They don’t visit here often.



    I mean the Sample Child Theme that comes with purchase of Genesis. That is distressing to hear that StudioPress does not visit their own forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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