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    Hey There,

    As of yesterday, when I’m logged out of my blog/wordpress, the images aren’t visible/show. What’s strange is that when I’m logged in, they are visible without issue.

    I deleted thumbnails, which I’m sure this is the reason why they aren’t showing however can’t understand why they are showing when logged in.

    Is there an easy/quick way for wordpress/genesis to auto generate the thumbnails created or do I need to manually do this? It’s only a couple so not a biggie if I need to do it manually.

    Thanks for your help guys.



    try clearing the cache in your w3 total cache plugin and see if that resolves your logged in issue.

    for regenerating thumbnails, i use this plugin.



    Thanks Ozzy, it seems to have assisted. Just to check, can you confirm you’re seeing the two images on the page I linked to above or is it showing as broken links?

    It’s now showing ok for me while logged out.



    Hey Trent,

    I can see two images on the page


    -Rick R. Duncan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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