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    Hi all, as always thanks in advance. You guys here are always most helpful!

    basically im running sleek child theme and wish to use “thethe slider” plugin. I have had this running once before but updates fouled it up and im unsure where the code should be inserted and id really appreciate your advice.

    The plugin allows you to add a slider and name it after which you insert the code into the themes files but I cannot figure out which one.

    Please see my website as I have currently inserted it into home php which will be wrong but its the most luck ive had with it so far. If I insert it into functions or other pages then it shows up as the top of the page and id like it below my top nav if that makes sense. You will notice the code above my topnav and I have confirmed its correct as it will show my slider correctly via functions page if it put it there.


    I thank you in advance!



    theme functions, home, style, topnav and style sheet are all I have (including adsense etc) in my sleek themes folder. I have tried many a combination and done some searching to no avail.

    `the author in a post elsewhere said to use: if (function_exists(‘get_thethe_image_slider’)) {
    print get_thethe_image_slider(‘SliderName’);“

    although the shortcode given in the plugin next to my slider named home is: [thethe-image-slider name=”Home”]

    I know very little of code usage and would appreciate any input as I have broken my site twice attempting to insert this :(

    thanks again and I look forward to hearing any advice you may be able to offer



    Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this please as im still at a total loss with it all

    thanks in advance



    Still totally stuck guys :(

    not spent any time over last couple of days on it but i have to tackle it tonight! thanks in advance! please see first post



    so i have finally got it uploaded and live at my homepage in first post

    the issue is its alligned wrongly to the right but it is of correct dimensions for my slides as per when it worked before.


    please can anyone advise as to how i align top left please


    thanks again



    Why not change the width of your slider?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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