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    I am running a free Genesis template called “Autobahn” on my blog,

    I wonder if and how it’s possible to insert text widgets above and between posts on the homepage.

    The reason is to insert small ads and/or clickbank products in between the individual posts, which are summarized on the homepage.

    Can anyone please advise?


    Here’s a great tutorial Brian Gardner wrote on how to add a welcome widget on your home page. It’s really simple and might be something you’re looking for.

    To speed up the process please post the link to the website in question.

    We recommend using Firebug to view source codes

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    This code will add one widget which displays the same content before all post excerpt titles on the home page when the reading settings as configured to display your latest posts:



    Thanks, this is great info for adding a “welcome text” field/widget above all homepage posts.

    Any ideas how I can adjust the width of the widget? I would prefer to have the same width as the content section and that the right-sidebar widgets do not move down on the page when this widget is added (to the top of the posts in the content-section), i.e. it would be inserted not for the whole page, but only on top of the main content (not affect the sidebar)

    Secondly, I also wonder how it’s possible to add similar fields “between” individual post on the homepage (not just one at the top). Any ideas?



    Simply change the conditional tag and hooks. I would test this on a local development installation which is where you’ll really learn how it all works.


    David Decker

    Adding blocks of text/widgets/etc. between single posts IN A LISTING (a.k.a. the loop) is not as easy as it seems! As of my knowledge this would require tweaking the loop.

    I have read a tutorial in German some years ago where one blogger achieved that for his google ad stuff — but was not on a Genesis theme…

    I hope I understood the issue correctly, I would make it via widget blocks – when using the widgetized homepage – or as Brad said, using hooks/conditionals.



    I think another way would be to use custom fields using the right hook and conditional tag if you want different Google ads between each post excerpt on archive pages other wise you’re going to need a lot of widgets.

    You would also install a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields which creates a custom meta box on each edit post screen so you simply paste in the code for your ads.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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