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    Can someone help me show how to insert a banner on the eleven40 theme? Currently there is a large orange banner running across which is repeated image of [logo-texture.png]

    I just want to replace it with a single long image banner. I saw this image name in theĀ  style.css file. But I’m not sure how to replace it with my banner.

    My site url is

    Thank You.





    You will need to use the custom header functionality in WordPress (add add_theme_support( 'genesis-custom-header', array( 'width' => 960, 'height' => 100, 'textcolor' => '444', 'admin_header_callback' => 'minimum_admin_style' ) );, or change the CSS for #title (#title:before and #title:after).

    Travis Smith | Recommended StudioPress Developer & Contributor
    WP Smith | @wp_smith | GitHub

    Due to the forums, please paste code using Pastebin, JS Fiddle (for JavaScript) or GitHub.
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    Hi Wpsmith,

    I still don’t quite get it. You are saying the custom header functionality – is that found in the functions.php file?

    If yes, where exactly do I need to place the above code? Where do I input my banner image name?

    Basically, I just want to use a theme that can be customizable easily. It just seems to be getting more difficult as I have to handle php and css files. Isn’ t wordpress supposed to be something which you don’t really need to know the hard coding and build a nice site easily?

    I’m just a little bit disappointed here.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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