Is it a good idea to install Jetpack by on a self host wordpress?

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    I would like to know if it is a good idea to install Jetpack by on a self host wordpress.





    Sure, there are several tools included that you may find of use like statistics, spam blocking, etc.

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    I use Jetpack on all of my blogs. It has a plethora of features and widgets all in one plugin as opposed to finding, installing, maintaining multiple third party plugins to do the same thing. Just my opinion, however.  :-)



    Keleigh thanks for sharing your opinion.

    Do you activate the “Mobile Theme – Automatically optimize your site for mobile devices ”  ?


    Do you think there’s a difference with how a Genesis theme would display in a mobile device?





    I haven’t used the mobile version of the plugin because my StudioPress theme is already viewable on mobile device’s and has basically the same layout and colors are the same as desktop version.  I would just not use this as StudioPress codes there themes to perfection for mobile responsive.

    I think by enabling to many JetPack features, you may slow down your blog’s pagespeed.   I only have 4 features enabled on my JetPack that I use daily.



    I use it all the time now and yes I use the Mobile version. Most importantly, I use it on my clients who have decided not to use “responsive” themes or if they are using an older SP theme and don’t want to switch. It provides a link for the visitor to use the Mobile version or the Full Version.

    A note about Share buttons – if you use another share service right now and you decide you want to use the Jetpack share buttons – the counts will carry over, it’s not like you’ll have to start over from “0” on your share accounts.

    There is a form creator in there also that I use all the time for the contact pages, requests for quotes, prayer requests.

    They are constantly updating Jetpack and adding new features.



    I just activated it and I am wondering if it’s possible to customize the subscribe form with the look of my current enews extended subscribe widget that is part of the theme look and feel. Has anyone been able to integrate it with their site? I’m using the streamline theme. The interior pages have the second instance of the subscription form.

    I’m trying out the subscribe, share and contact forms to start.  :)

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    You need to target the unique ID for the Jetpack subscription in that widget area using Firebug and then add a custom CSS to it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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