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    Okay…I have been looking for a place to leave some feedback as I just purchased the Genesis Framework last week. I had no idea that within two days of creating my site that it would be indexed and I would be on page 2 of Google for one of my main keywords! This is insane! Though I am new to Genesis and still trying to figure out how to customize the layout and use hooks, I am completely sold and a fan of Genesis Framework for life. Are these guys using magic or something? Simply incredible.


    Bill Murray

    Glad you’re getting the results you worked for.

    1) If you use an XML sitemap and ping Google when you have indexable content, they’ll index it quickly. 2 days is on the longer end of the timeframe that I usually see.

    2) Page 2 of a SERP is a good start, but now your fun begins. The bulk of all clicks from organic search are for the 1st 5 entries in a SERP, so on page 2, you’ll see less traffic than if you had a higher rank. You’re off to a good start, though, especially for a newly indexed site. Getting to page 1 or in the top 5 depends on how competitive your keywords are. For some keywords, it might take years, for others, a few months. Keep building great content, do your on page SEO, and build your backlinks, and you’ll climb the SERPs over time. The climb may not be smooth. You may sit on page 2 for a month, then jump to spot #3 on page 1 a month later, only to fall back to #5. Where you rank on a SERP is not just a function of what you do, it’s also a function of what’s happening with your competitor sites and the keyword you’re fighting over.

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    Thanks for the tips Bill!

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