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    Ok… So I see a lot of discussion, in various places, about performance issues, when using Jetpack (by I haven’t used Jetpack in a while (Not since moving to WebSythesis), but I’ve seen performance issues in the past, too. I used GoDaddy’s performance plugin, to benchmark the performance of various plugins, I was using. Jetpack was the bulkiest & slowest, on every website I tested.

    This brings me to my questions…

    Does anyone actually recommend Jetpack, for use on a Commercial Website, running Genesis?

    Has anyone had problems with Jetpack and Genesis, or any of the Genesis Child Themes?

    Is there a recommended Jetpack configuration, which works better than another, when used with Genesis and Genesis Child Themes?

    Disclaimer: I know this isn’t a Jetpack support group ;-) However, I’m very leery about polluting a perfectly good Synthesis Hosted Website, with garbage and bloat.


    I use Jetpack on many of my sites, but I disable every single module except the following:

    • Stats
    • Subscriptions
    • Extra sidebar widgets
    • Mobile push notifications

    Those seem to run with minimal bloat, though I still see better performance on the sites that aren’t running Jetpack at all. If I could find a better option for subscribing that didn’t require multiple plugins, I’d probably stop using it completely.

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    I’ve disabled everything except Stats, Gravatar, Mobile Push, Enhanced Distribution & JSON and my website is reporting:

    500 – Internal Server Error

    every 5-10 minutes.



    I use JetPack Lite. It used to work by itself, but now it seems to require the full JetPack, and it disables most of the features.

    You’re absolutely right that JetPack is a pig. I shut it off when I started profiling my site and saw how much delay it introduced. With JetPack Lite, I find it acceptable.



    I tried disabling each Jetpack module, until they were all disabled. Yet I still had this problem. When I deactivated the Jetpack plugin, the problem, went away, instantly. It was like flipping a switch.

    For giggles, I tried installing SO Jetpack Stats Only ( and the website never missed a beat.

    It’s still a stretch for me to say, Jetpack is incompatible with Genesis, as I have a plethora of other plugins, I wasn’t willing to rid myself of, just to use Jetpack.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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