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    Publicize has for the most part been doing ok for me. I run EZ Recipe for the most part so Tumblr never gets the images due to size issues but that is ok. Twitter never deals with images either because they don’t share correctly with EZ Recipe and that is ok. I have a hack running for FB because they never pull the correct image but one they had on file with a different post. But since the upgrade my posts aren’t showing in Google+ feed, nor on my own timeline.

    I disconnected the account as well as the the connection as in the help files and that didn’t work. I tried removing my plugins one at a time and that didn’t. I asked for help on the WordPress forum at Google + and was told I must not have activated the plugin.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Oh, and I am having one other issue that just started, but I haven’t related them to each other.
    I run an Ipad mini with the lasted Ios7 and latest safari. When I pull up an image to choose a featured image for a post I see the image and pick it. When I attach it to the post it shows an image that I deleted recently. I reboot and try it again. After choosing a totally different image it works. Tonite after adding an image to my photos on my computer, i look at the photo area, and an image from 3 months ago is there instead. This happened twice. I was finally able to get those photos in my gallery on WP, but Ez Recipe won’t show them when I check the drafts. They are there though in the featured image.

    So long story short, once EZ recipe gets back to me I will need to address the Publicize issue.

    Sorry for rambling, but it has been a tough day.


    I hear your frustration. Have you asked over at the JetPack support forum? Maybe they have some insight over there, too.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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