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    I would like to have just one footer widget that spans the entire width of the page. How can I accomplish this. I am using the Agency child theme, can anyone help with how I could accomplish this?


    Brian Bourn

    In your functions.php file change:

    /** Add support for 3-column footer widgets */
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-footer-widgets’, 3 );


    /** Add support for 1-column footer widget */
    add_theme_support( ‘genesis-footer-widgets’, 1 );

    After that you may need to make some CSS adjustments to the width along with anything else that pops up.

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    Tim Squires

    Hi, could I please ask how to retain the 3 column widget area, but have the widget area itself extend to 100% width of the entire screen? I would like the footer widget area of this site to go full screen width in the same way that the band behind the welcome area/slider does.Many thanks for any tips, Tim





    the red behind the welcome area is your main background image, not actually the width of your #wrap.

    your #wrap is 960px wide so everything is contained in it. You would have to change that to 100% wide and then change all the other div wraps like #header .wrap etc. down to #footer .wrap to 960px wide and margin: 0 auto


    Tim Squires

    Thanks bandj, another forum member suggested that also and I gave it a try. It partially worked – I managed to adjust the width to 100%, and was then able to bring the footer widgets back into a centered position, but the space between the footer widgets was uneven. Also, I couldn’t get the header, slider or other content areas to re-align to the center. Maybe I need to work back through it again to see what I’m doing wrong. But I also wondered if it is possible to create another background image – similar to the one behind the welcome area – and have that behind the footer widget area. That way I wouldn’t have to adjust the div wraps, but I’m not sure if that method is possible. Many thanks for your advice – I’ll keep trying :)



    you can’t add a 2nd background to the background already there.

    But here is something you can try.

    add something like this to your body…change the height and color as you like

    border-bottom: 60px solid #d6244c;

    then for your #footer add a negative bottom margin

    margin: 0 auto -60px;

    maybe you want to  add 9px bottom margin to #footer-widgets

    Adjust the footer margin and border-bottom sizes etc to what you want.

    Check all your pages and test on devices.


    Tim Squires

    Hi bandj – thanks so much for that tip. It worked beautifully. I added the code that you suggested and by adjusting the values was able to achieve the effect that I needed. I wanted a band across the footer area to the anchor the page and provide some weight at the bottom. Your advice is very much appreciated – thanks again.





    Looks good.

    you’re welcome

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