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    Hi, new to Genesis here. We are converting to make our site responsive and for the frequent updates, but are otherwise mostly satisfied with the current look of our site (Thesis theme with some custom CSS). We will be changing the header and footer a little bit, but otherwise want to keep it pretty much the same, except on Genesis instead of Thesis.

    My plan is activate Genesis and then add in my custom CSS to override the unwanted Genesis default CSS (fonts, line-spacing, alignment, etc).

    Just wanted to run this by the community and make sure it sounds good, and check to see if there was a shortcut or method to do a custom install to leave out certain styles? Thanks!!


    I would definitely try this out on a test site first – the CSS rules will likely be quite a bit different with Genesis due to the classes and hooks used, so it’s very likely that most of your current CSS won’t achieve what it did on the Thesis site. It’s not difficult to recreate a site on Genesis if you’re comfortable with CSS, HTML, and PHP, but it definitely doesn’t work the same way Thesis does.

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    Thanks, Andrea. I had a feeling it might not be that simple, but just thought I’d check. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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