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    Hi All,

    This is a wonderful and supportive forum.

    I am new to wordpress and studio press and have started with the studiopress lifestyle.

    Reviews — both good and bad are welcome.

    Also will appreciate suggestions for improvements

    Thanks in advance.




    I like the eBook which looks very attractive and i think you can use it to built your email list. Even better still, using the eBook to build a connection and trust with your audience.

    Understanding peoples needs, challenges, frustrations and goals is very important so your site should reflect this.

    You may consider a full width feature box on your home page only with a list of 3 reasons the book is worth opting in for.

    The bottom right sign up form doesn’t stand out enough and blends in which you may want to consider changing.

    Is your site all about curing acne in a week? If it is, then that is very clear otherwise you may want to change your site description(tag line).

    Otherwise, great job at customizing the Lifestyle child theme which is feature packed and excellent for blogging.



    Here you go..

    I would lose the Adsense box. I don’ think the income amount you may realize is not worth distracting from the sale.

    If the book is a free giveaway, then tie it better to the Aweber sign up (you can actually add the pdf IN the aweber box (within aweber).

    It appears the site is live – so I imagine content filing the categories will be forthcoming?

    A before and after pic always does well in this industry.

    Great start.



    I think you site looks very nice. I personally would like to see a larger font used throughout.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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