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    This is almost getting to the point of irritation. Some of us poor saps purchased the full meal deal anticipating the Gen 2 release and now, there are only 2 new themes to work with. Yes, we can work with an old theme but having to re-customize a theme once the new one rolls out is not an option here.

    I just cannot believe I feel like a sucker, having sold the client on a great framework but there are only 2 newer compatible themes…

    Am I the only one getting annoyed here?

    Add-On: Looks like there is a 3rd theme released. But it’s not one of the more popular ones. And for us to get that theme to feel more like Metro or any other more popular theme is going to take a lot of work. Not feeling good about moving to Gen 2 at all at this point…

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    I’m surprised, and a bit frustrated. Given that there was an extremely long delay waiting for WordPress 3.6 to ship, I expected that work to update the child themes was proceeding so they would be ready when Genesis 2.0 launched.

    Perhaps the most frustrating is the utter lack of communication to customers so that we can schedule our business based upon upgrade and availability of 2.0-ready child themes. That lack of communication is seriously affecting my trust in StudioPress.



    I’ll be closing this thread to new comments. If you have official questions, please feel free to write us in support. The forums are not where we handle official communication.

    That said, I want to make a few things very clear.

    First, all existing themes are compatible with Genesis 2.0. This is something we worked very hard on. You can use any of the themes already released with Genesis 2.0

    Second, I know a lot of people are anxious for HTML5 themes. We are developing a whole slew of HTML5 themes. I’ve seen quite a few and I’m really impressed by them. I know that people want to see us drop 30 new themes out. That isn’t good for our business though. If we flood the market with new themes we create a huge supply but the demand remains constant and that causes the themes to be devalued by comparison. It is basic supply and demand. Please don’t expect us to make bad business choices. You wouldn’t want to do that to your self.

    Third, and finally, we know that people are anxious for more themes and so we are shooting for 1-2 themes a week for the next several weeks. This will help us to get the backlog of themes out the door without flooding the market, which is actually bad for everyone. While we cannot promise a fixed number of themes, expect to see regular updates. For example, Going Green just updated today

    Again, if you have questions or concerns, contact us directly. The forums simply aren’t where you will be getting official responses. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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