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    here is Laguna Niguel (CA) real estate site.
    Neat AgentPress theme customization + dsIDXpress plugin.
    It scores a 93/100 on Google Pagespeeds and 86/100 on Tools.



    That looks great. I like the minimalistic look and your UberMenu.



    Yearh, overall it is great..

    Have you considered using the Orange color on the buttons to0. My guess is that it would raise the number of clicks making them more visible. Just a suggestion :)


    On a site note:

    Wow, that is fast!! Are you using any plugins, or just manual speed optimizing? Could use some tricks, we cannot get to install any cache plugin at and have quite low load speed!



    Hello, thanks.

    @budskab – no cache plugin at the moment. Just some .htaccess tricks. ( thought it’s on my VPS ). 




    I love your site, that’s a great job.  I am working on do you have any suggestions for me?


    Lucas Hall


    Nice work.  My only suggestion would be to break up the text in the first main paragraph on the home page…. the one that starts with

    “Welcome to, Here you can….”.

    It’s kind of difficult to read because it’s just one big block of text. I would break it into 3 paragraphs – such as:

    Here you can search freely for all Orange County Real Estate listings on the Socal MLS including homes for sale and lease without any registration requirements. Contact us to list your home for sale or rent, and/or consult with one of the top selling agents in Laguna Niguel.

    Brett Dalbeth is a full time REALTOR® and Laguna Niguel resident since 1999. Brett specializes in the sales and leasing of mid to high end luxury Real Estate in Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach and the surrounding beach cities. If you’re in need of a diligent Real Estate Agent who’s main interest is satisfying his clients with the best possible service and results, then let Brett earn your business and exceed your expectations.

    Let Brett show you how he can benefit you in your next real estate transaction. Contact him for a private consultation by calling the direct toll free line at  888-399-4844 or by filling out the contact form.

    Lucas Hall


    Doc Fisher

    Marco, Looks nice.  I live in same area. Todd


    john gronley

    Very cool how did you get the wrap to be transparent?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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