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    I am planning to have a site that would focus particularly  on entertainment, like featuring photos of wedding anniversary, birthdays etc…..

    I have gone through the photography themes and I have narrowed it down  to  Landscape and Manhattan but, I am not very sure which one would be the best for this purpose.

    I would appreciate your advice



    Doak Heggeness

    My preference based on weddings, anniverseries would be the Manhattan theme which is light and cheery. The Landscape theme is too dark for life. My 2 cents.

    Doak Heggeness, WordPress Development | Website



    Hi Doak Heggeness,

    Thanks for your advice. I thought as much but my concern is that I would like to have a bigger dimension for the slider so that weddings and anniversaries photos could be displayed very well for photos that would need to show from head to toe. I mean a big slider dimension like the Landscape but of course not with the dark background.


    Would you like the Landscape theme if the dark background could be changed to the Manhttan background?

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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