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    Hi, I’m working on a website using the Lifestyle Pro theme with a custom header. The header image, of course, isn’t responsive without some changes to css and probably Media Queries, right? I’d really appreciate if someone would help me out on what changes I need to make for the header to be responsive and also for the text area of the page, inside the borders, to not appear so “narrow” on a mobile phone. The site is:

    Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

    Pixel Frau

    This should help you with the header: .

    For the text area, you’ll want to reduce the margin-left and ‘margin-right’ for .site-inner on the media queries.

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    Wonderful, thanks so much for the assistance! I appreciate it. Will try this out tomorrow.



    Hi there. I wanted to see if this user had any luck with the tutorial referenced above ( I followed all those instructions and could not get the header image to resize correctly, especially for the smaller screens. When it did resize, there was a ton of white padding at the top and bottom surrounding the header. My custom header size is 1140 x 389.

    I also tried the tutorial here but this did not do the trick either: I left all the settings the way he suggested and made a comment there to get some help troubleshooting but the writer wrote back: “The Media Queries can be modified to make your elements look the way you want on different sized screens. Some work is required on your behalf to modify the code to get it looking the way you want.”

    Does anyone at StudioPress have some specific insight as to how to get a Lifestyle Pro custom header to resize properly for mobile devices? Thank you in advance for your help.

    The site is:

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