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    I’ve set up my home page with widgets provided in the theme, but can not figure out the thumbnail/featured image

    If I set (for some of the widgets) to use the featured image of 590×250, I need ot add that size image to featured image place in the post.

    But in other widgets, when I don’t want the big image to show, and choose thumbnail for example which is 150×150, it cuts the featured image in a weird spot so it looks just bad.

    Is there a way to set featured image and thumbnail so it isn’t cut that weird?

    You can see what I am talking about here

    The top image is the featured oneĀ  590px wide.

    The second one is a thumbnail cut right just because that very thumbnail IS the featured image. So if I would switch that widget to 590 it would be a mess.

    The third widget (recipes) cuts the thumbnails by default from wide featured images.

    So technically, I want to control the image that shows up there in both cases, so I can switch between featured image and thumbnail without having to change the featured image in every post, every time I want to change the widget display settings.



    any ideas?



    Are you talking about the way the thumbnails crop the larger image? If so, you can change the area the thumbnails show by using the WordPress functionality in the Media Library.

    Go to the image in your media library and select the image.

    Click on Edit Image

    Click on the image and select the area you want to show

    On the right, select the Thumbnail Radio Button

    Click on the little Crop symbol (above the image)

    Click Save then update

    Now when you look at your thumbnail it should be the area you want.










    I kept trying this, but here is the funny thing – the crop button is always greyed out (not clickable) unlike the rest. Any ideas why this may happen?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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