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    I am using the ” new and improved? ) Lifestyle pro theme with the latest version of wordpress and studiopress
    I am setting this site up for a client- so I was hoping to use dummy content for them to see how to do things.

    I made a test post and published it – Although I did not have anything in the ” Home Top” widget area – the post appeared in this section by itself.

    I am wondering if there is something I am missing here. I want to be able to control the homepage and the number of posts that appear on it- I was planning on doing this by adding the ” Featured Post” widget to the “Home Top” widget and configuring that .

    Is there some reason why post would automatically be sent to appear on the home page even if nothing is set up in the widget section?

    If so WHY ? , doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the Home Widgets?

    I am wondering if anyone else has this issue, and if there is any info about how to correct the problem

    Thanks to anyone that can give me a clue here.
    * you can see the default widget message that is appearing on the ” Home” page now- when you go to the site.
    There is nothing in the ” Home-Top” widgets panel


    When the front page widgets are populated, the home page loop is de-activated.

    You can also use the Genesis > Theme Settings > Content Archives to control your posts page set in your Reading Settings.

    I would follow the setup guide on the Download page for tips.



    Hey Brad,
    Thanks for the reply I get what you are saying the Home page loop is deactivated when you pull a widget into it.

    What I am wondering is if I make a set posts – Post 1,2,3 – why these would appear on the home page of the site if no widget is pulled into the ” Home Top ” widget area.

    Even if I publish the post- shouldn’t the post remain off the home page and the ” default message ” appear unless a widget is placed in the appropriate front page widget area.

    If I look at the custom settings – for this I see that there are 2 options with this theme- a Static home page- not want I want, and one that shows post-
    If posts is selected then it says that posts are automatically added to the home page-
    It seems that once you make a new post and publish it even if you have not configured any widgets it over-writes the default message from the loop and places the post on the home page.

    I have used this theme fairly frequently ( prior to this new and improved? ) version and have not had this happen before.

    Hope above makes sense- any other thoughts
    ( Not saying it isn’t there but not really seeing anything in the download guide that mentions this )

    Scott V



    That’s right. The home page loop includes your latest posts unless you populate the home page widgets with something else.

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