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    I’m setting up a site using the Associates theme here:

    I have set a custom full sized header (960×120) using the Appearance > Header function.

    As you will notice, the header contains multiple elements, including two logos. I would like the two logos to link to different locations, but I have no idea where to begin.

    Hope you can help!


    Anyone have any ideas? I realize this will involve some css, but as a newbie I don’t really have a clear grasp of where to begin the process.

    I am working on getting it running in two languages. English version here:



    I made some progress. I linked the logo on the left side by adding a code snippet to functions.php

    //* Modify the header URL
    add_filter('genesis_seo_title', 'sp_seo_title', 10, 3);
    function sp_seo_title($title, $inside, $wrap) {
    	$inside = sprintf( '<a href="" title="%s">%s</a>', esc_attr( get_bloginfo('name') ), get_bloginfo('name') );
    	$title = sprintf('<%s id="title">%s</%s>', $wrap, $inside, $wrap);
    	return $title;

    Then modified the title area css to roughly the size of the logo.

    So far, so good.

    I would still like to link the logo on the right to the homepage of the site. Right now it is not linked at all, but it is (or can be) inside the right header widget area. How could I set up that link?

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