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    Sorry if I’m in the wrong place. Tried to follow link I was sent and nothing came up. Never used Forums before.

    I purchased Serenity upon recommendation of web designer. I have wasted a lot of money and am afraid if I don’t find out what involves CSS coding I am going to waste more money. Is there someplace where I can get a list of the things that require CSS coding for this theme so I don’t have to send so many emails to my web designer.

    I hired a graphic designer to spec type and she charged me for two hours of time. But there is an upcharge for coding to use it with the web designer.

    It seems that everything I ask about requires a change to CSS coding and I’m being quoted $50 to $75 per change. Have no idea if this is responsible, but it is unaffordable for me because they are all on top of the agreed upon price range for the web site design.

    I am beginning to think I should change to Weaver, a theme that is free and that allows most changes to be made through the click of a button. I love the look of Serenity, but I have limited funds to work with and I’m frustrated by the lack of info I can find to answer my questions and I hate sending my web designer so many emails to find out when I’m beginning to think I may not be able to go forward with Serenity or maybe even her.

    Thanks in advance. And thanks to your reply to the question about plugins. I liked you on FB.


    What things are you wanting to change? It looks like you’ve gotten a pretty good start on setting up the theme. Unless you’re trying to change color combinations and font sizes, there’s no “necessary” CSS coding that has to happen to get your content going.

    Did your theme setup docs help at all? They should be available from the same place you downloaded the theme.

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    Hi Summer, I don’t know the answers to any of your questions about the site. My web designer has done everything. I don’t even know how to log into my site.

    Changes: color green to a brighter green; fonts and perhaps pt. sizes (don’t know what’s standard) for body copy, titles, subheadings, navigation buttons; depth of header. Those are the things I’ve asked about so far that have upcharges.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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