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    Working with Genesis Framework in the sidebar for widgets, I am using easy contact forms plugin. Looks great on Firefox, but on Explorer, not so good. The main problem is the response box after a form has been submitted, it gets cut off on the right, the type is very faint gray and hard to read. It appears that it’s being cut off by an element.style, which I understand is part of the html code.

    Where do I find this element.style code?the site is http://shertekinc.com/


    Andrea Rennick

    element.style means that css is inline, part of the html. Look in the pane on the left with Firebug.

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    Yeah, I know that,  but just where IS this bit of html located??? Firebug just says it’s element.style, I don’t know what file that is in to find it. This is in the sidebar area, but it’s not in the sidebar.php from Genesis or from WordPress, there is no index.html file that I am creating for this sidebar, and if it’s in the html then it’s not in the css.style files either. So WHERE is it?


    Jen Baumann

    The inline styles are output as part of the plugin. You’re probably looking at .ufo-form-submit-success & .ufo-form-submit-failure and will have to override the inline styles in your stylesheet.

    .ufo-form-submit-success, .ufo-form-submit-failure {
    something: something !important;



    I already checked there, that changes the size of the box which works perfectly in Firefox, but in Explorer there seems to be an underlaying box that cuts off the plugin response box on the right. This underlaying box is the one that is listed as element.style for the dimensions. But there is no corresponding html file that has that info that I can find. This interfering box has a height of 410 and a width of 200, there is nothing of that size in the plugin style.css. So it would seem to be a part of the sidebar code??? But I don’t see that box on any of the other pages either, that do not have this contact form. It’s not on the home page with the contact form, just on the home page after the contact form information has been submitted.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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