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    ok, I have a small issue here so would like to see how others get around this.

    1. Want to only display 1 block (say 300×250 banner block; or WP calls it a Widget block).
    2. Want to target this block by category. Will set up a unique block for Category A and Category B separately.
    3. Post 1 is tagged in Category A
    4. Post 2 is tagged in Category B
    5. Post 3 is tagged in Categories A & B
    6. How would you control which block would display in Post 3 where there are 2 Categories?

    There are different ways to do this in Drupal. How do you accomplish this in WordPress?



    There are a couple of ways you could go about this. One would be to use a plugin like Widget Logic to tell the banner where to display, though I think your #5 above would confuse it a little. Another is the Genesis Simple Sidebars plugin, which allows you to create multiple sidebars and choose when/where they show. You can assign the sidebars by category or by the individual post/page (it just adds a dropdown to the post editor, so it will show the default sidebar unless you tell it otherwise). I usually opt for the sidebar plugin when I need different widgets on different parts of a site because it keeps things organized and easy to change.

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    So would the sidebar be able to control and only display 1 block of ad even though the post is tagged under 2 categories?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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