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    Hello everyone,

    My site is running but not happy overall as it looks a little plain.
    Not much color either but can’t decide what to do.

    I’d like to add some graphics when you click on the categories (from the sub Nav)? Is that possible AND difficult?


    Hi, you can add color and more style elements to various sections, like:

    1. Add logo images instead of text at top left.
    2. Add background color to either of sidebar for more focus on content area.
    3. Use bigger image at top middle part of content area so that it spans whole width giving fuller look.
    4. Add color to background and mouse hover to elements in menu.
    5. On right sidebar, use mailchimp subscribe box instead of link.

    Above changes do require some know-how about css. Try it or you can get premium help ;)



    Thanks you for the suggestions.
    So many options, aren’t there?


    Yeah, you can go one by one. Start with simple ones like changing background color of sidebar or adding color elements to top menu.



    Decided to grab another theme so we shall see how I go, thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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