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    The CSS in the Genesis Sample Child theme 1.9.1 is substantially different than previous child themes. I’m looking for some guidance on how to customize the theme to update older sites to take advantage of the responsive code.

    One thing I’ve noticed about the 1.9.1 Sample Child theme is that it’s not as easy to customize as previous versions. The CSS is more compact with more inherited elements which have to be tracked down to make custom changes. It’s more of a painful experience than I expected.

    What are you doing to use the Sample Child theme?



    i posted to a different thread but it put it here :(



    it took a little getting used to, but overall, i like it much better than the old style sheet.

    what kinds of problems are you having?



    Somebody moved my cheese.


    The new Sample Chile Theme’s code is more compact, yes, but also seems to have more inherited values down the line. Making one change to a CSS value often requires tracking down the earlier values to make a change to CSS stick.



    Hi RonnyMac,

    I was having this very discussion on Twitter a few hours ago. Initially I was like you. I didn’t care for the way the style sheet is now written. I released several child themes using the old style sheet and grew accustomed to it. But you know what? Now that I’ve had some time to study the new style sheet I really do like it.

    Yes, it will take some time to get used to. But the way it is now organized is much more efficient. For instance, rather than having the same font size defined in a dozen different places you’ll find them all in one spot. Font sizes grouped together. Font colours grouped together and so forth.

    Genesis aims to be lean and mean yet easily extensible. That same philosophy has been carried over to the CSS. While it seems like more work at the moment, give it a chance. I think you’ll grow to like it. :)



    Yeah, I see the value and efficiency, but it’s more cumbersome to move elements and figure out where everything went.

    It’s not nice to move my cheese.

    Although I picked up on rem font sizes and did a retrofit on a number of Genesis sites.



    hi Ronny,

    yup I was in the same boat. I knew it was better than the old way but seemed so much harder.

    Gotta go get your cheese, lol, I remember reading that book.

    What I have started doing is loading up a child theme and then opening up the sample child and the other child theme stylesheets

    in notepad ++.  Then you have to go through the child theme for the obvious things like home widgets and such and then add them

    to the sample child theme. That alone helps in learning where things are in the new stylesheet.

    Once I’ve done that I just use the new sample child stylesheet, don’t forget to change the very top info.

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