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    I am a total neophyte so unfortunately do not know some of the correct terminology but i hope that someone can help me just a bit with some problems I am having with the site that I am developing for my wife’s travel blog. To understand some of my questions you might need to look at the site – http://sixlegswilltravel.com.

    1. I figured out how to adjust the size of the header and I thought it was going to fit across the entire page but it seems not to go all the way to the left margin. How do I find the actual width of the page so I can adjust so the header fits all the way across?

    2. On the top and bottom of the header there is white space between the header block and the menus – I would like to be able to eliminate or significantly reduce the white space so the menus are in close proximity or touching the header block

    3. The “home” page is a blog format – I want to get the post titles in the dark brown and then lighten with a hover over the title but can’t figure out what is controlling the color of the titles here – ?? related to the font colors in the menus but not sure.

    4. How and where to add a button at the end of the post excerpts with something like “…and the rest of the story”

    5. When a new post is made I not only want it showing up on the front page but I also would like to get the full article placed on it’s appropriate page. So for example the most recent post would also show up on the page labelled “Road Reads” etc.

    6. And perhaps my biggest bugaboo right now – I had just started with News when News Pro came out – I switched because it was supposed to be a responsive theme. It does seem to work fine on my iPhone 4S but when I pull the site up on my iPad (retina display but iPad3) the header truncates on the LHS in landscape mode and on both sides in portrait mode.

    Any pointers or suggestions on resolving any or all my problems would be greatly appreciated. As you will realize I have made changes to ThemeFunction.php and to Style.css but everything I am doing is by trial and error right now since until I started working on this website I had never seen any CSS code. My learning curve is going up exponentially but I am now at a loss as to how to solve my current problems.

    Thank you for taking the time to look through this and helping me resolve my current issues.

    New Bern, NC



    As you have marked this topic as “resolved”, I will go ahead and close it. Please start another topic if you are still having issues.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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