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    After an attempt at updating a client’s website to the Blissful theme, it was not being responsive on mobile devices (despite the fact that I have used other non-responsive studio press themes and they show fine on mobile). Essentially it was just showing the latest posts without any of the home page/header graphics showing.

    I have now switched to the Magazine theme, which is supposedly responsive, yet having the same issue. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!




    As an added note, I went to see how the site responded in Responsinator and it showed up fine:

    My client has a lot of unnecessary plug-ins installed – could one of them be interrupting being able to see the site on a mobile device? It’s fine on iPad.

    Thanks again!



    If your client has a lot of plugins and the theme looks fine on other sites (like the demo, for example), there could quite possibly be a plugin conflict. The recommended solution is to deactivate *all* plugins at once (with a bulk edit), to see if that resolves the issue. If it does, then go ahead and start re-activating the plugins in small batches (faster than re-activating one at a time), and then viewing the site to double check,  until you can narrow down which one (or more) is causing the issue.

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    Thanks for your feedback Susan!

    After I posted this, I noticed that on my phone, the site loads in mobile view (actually I need to give credit to my husband). If I scroll all the way to the bottom and choose “view full site”, it does bring up the view I want. How can I get it to load full site first instead of mobile? Do you think that could still be a plug-in issue?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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