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    Fitness Blogger


    I am trying to change the background for my new site

    What I want is something similar to this: – a light gray background with all the active areas in white. Is that possible? Or can my theme only support a single background color for all areas?

    Thanks a lot!

    Your page elements have no background color assigned and are therefore transparent. Once you change your background color you need to change the areas you want to be white. As a starting point:

    body {
         background-color: #DDD;
    .wrap {
         background-color: #FFF;


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    Fitness Blogger

    Thanks a lot Lauren!

    That changed the background, header and footer but not the main content area. Do you know where I should look to change the rest?

    (actually the footer shouldn’t change preferably)


    Fitness Blogger

    I managed to change site-inner so everything is white. However, it looks quite bad. I was hoping to be able to create some visual separation between the different elements on the site by having a gray background and white boxes for each element (so there would be a thin grey line between the content area and the sidebar). Do you think that is possible or is the entire inner area one large element?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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