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    Looks like Magazine is the next theme to get the Genesis 2 makeover…

    Still waiting for News Pro though. Nudge, nudge…


    What I REALLY NEED TO KNOW NOW is, if in Magazine Pro, is it possible to have two sections with the black header side by side in the content area v the black section bars e.g. “TRAVEL” LIFESTYLE” going across the entire content area?

    I have 5-6 categories I need to feature on front page in a scheme of widget areas for

    Home Top (slider or tab)
    Home Left for two feature post widget stacked on left side
    Home Right for two feature post widget stacked on right
    Home Bottom for another feature post widget above Listing widget




    @worldviewprYOU GOTS TO KNOW - This is a voluntary forum so be gentle.
    You can find lots of things using Google too, for example this:

    Need Website Customization or a Responsive CSS fix? Contact Me



    Is Magazine Pro out yet? If not, how did anyone determine the demo URL? Awesome.



    Ooooh, shiny…. now there are two I’m excited for!

    Wonder which will come out first, Magazine Pro or Denali Pro?



    I found out about Magazine Pro from Brad Dalton, a steady contributor here. Where did you get a link to Denali? They’re both spectacular themes, can’t wait to get my hands on them both.



    Someone here in the forums asked about it in a post I saw a week or two ago, and ever since, I’ve been excitedly coming back every day to see if it’s available for me to download.

    I had casually wondered aloud about the possibility of a parallax child theme in a different thread a few months ago, and when I first saw that demo of Denali, I know I had a geek girl moment :)



    Hi Lynne, Didn’t mean anything by GOTS TO KNOW thinking it would tip readers to a line from Dirty Harry and the jocular spirit the post was written in. Sometimes humour does not translate across cultures. My bad.

    Thanks for the link to code , but wondering if there is another bit needed for responsive themes.

    I had some problems earlier in testing out code that whacked the entire install but will try one more time. My druthers of course would be not to have to do this for Eleven40 and then again for Mag Pro on its release.

    Thanks for your help.



    Not sure if I get Denali Pro.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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