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    Hello all! Thanks in advance for any help you give me.

    I would like category descriptions to show up on my category archive pages for a blog I’m creating. (

    When Genesis is the displayed theme the category descriptions show up — but when I use the Magazine child theme they¬†disappear. I browsed through the Magazine functions.php to try to find out how this has been disabled but I didn’t see anything. Google has told me to add¬†category_description(); to my category.php or archive.php files but alas genesis has not these things!

    I figured out that if I put my description in the ‘archive intro text’ box instead – the description shows up at the top of category archive pages with the Magazine theme (right where I want it) — however I need to add html styling to this description. I have figured out how to remove the filters from the category ‘description’ box, but not the ‘archive intro text’ box. An alternative solution to my problem is to allow more html tags in the ‘archive intro text’ box.

    Did that make sense? :/

    Any pointing in the right direction is greatly appreciated.




    Makes perfect sense. :)

    What’s the code you used to filter for the category description? Something like this?

    If you look at Genesis source files in archive.php, you can see where the archive intro text is getting pulled in:


    Wondering if you can sub in intro_text for the category description? Haven’t tested it. Just a thought.



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    Thanks for the reply! Though the genesis framework does display the description correctly. It is only once I apply the child theme that the description goes away — thus the code I am looking to modify *should* be in the magazine theme folder (yes?).

    Anyway, I think I figured out a way to get the styling I want from the category intro-text box – so it isn’t an issue anymore :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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