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    I’m using Executive 2.0 Theme, responsive slider 0.9.2.

    Everything works great on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari but the home page and footer falls apart when I use all versions of IE.

    1. The responsive slider excerpt area narrows more than it should pushing the excerpt down and rendering the “continue reading” link useless and there is a lot of extra padding on the right and bottom of the slider area.

    2. There’s a problem with either .home-top or .home-top .widget

    3. The .footer-widgets-1,2 and 3 aren’t playing nicely

    4. Lastly the text in #Footer is larger than it should be.

    Any help would be more than appreciated. I’m a little late on getting this project released to the client because of this and I’m pulling my hair out researching things and trying to figure it out. With the knowledge in this forum I was hoping someone could help me out.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest.



    Looks like you made custom edits to your CSS and your site isn’t responsive anymore either. The demo of Executive looks fine in all browsers – Maybe go back and review your changes compared to the demo.



    He Anita! Thanks for the quick response.

    You’re right…I did make custom changes to the CSS and I did remove the responsive code.

    The custom changes to the CSS have been restored to the default CSS. The only changes now are to things that should NOT have any bearing on how the site displays like color, fonts, etc.

    The responsive code was removed because I figured if it would NOT “respond” nicely I would just have the desktop version without the quirks brought on by the responsive code.

    I use Firefox and also have Google Chrome and IE8 installed on my computer. I run XP so I can’t install IE9 but I’m using “” and “DebugBar” to see how they render in other browsers. Everything is cool in Firefox, Chrome and Safari but still IE…all versions… have problems, especially with the responsive slider which, at this point is my biggest concern.

    The excerpt area disappears when the screen width reaches a certain point. AND it’s on purpose….here’s the CSS to show that it’s told to disable the excerpt view and directional nav links for mobile….

    #content #genesis-responsive-slider .flex-control-nav.nav-pos-excerpt,
    #content #genesis-responsive-slider .flex-direction-nav li a,
    #content #genesis-responsive-slider .flex-direction-nav li a.prev {

    This doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems as though the author couldn’t figure it out so they just decided to disable it. While I don’t care so much about the navigational arrows I do care about the excerpt…it should remain visible and adjust the font size accordingly. I’ve tried to make it work but haven’t been able to…If I remove “display:none;” the text ends up too big because the excerpt area shrinks to 29% and the “continue reading” link to the featured page disappears.

    Any Ideas?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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