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    I had been working on an update to over the past few months, slowly making tweaks and mods. Even though the site was about 2 years overdue for an update I wasn’t really in a rush, because what I was working on just wasn’t coming together nicely. That was strange to me, since I’d previously used the same Genesis child theme on two other sites that relaunched last year, It’s Comic Book Day and Slice of SciFi UK, but for some reason it just wasn’t working for Slice of SciFi.

    Then these Studio Press geniuses throw Metro out to us last week, and I had stars in my eyes for two days, imagining how I could use it for the major overhaul our flagship radio show website has long needed. I could kiss all of you guys for going wide, btw :)

    Any feedback welcome, and I’d really like some notes on the responsive elements; I don’t have a tablet or smartphone to check out how any of it looks now.

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    It is one sharp looking theme and your site is looking nice! You can go to to see your site on different media screen sizes – very helpful to make sure any CSS modifications didn’t jack with the responsive elements. :)

    Have you been helped in this forum? Pay it forward and answer someone else’s question. I bet you’ll know the answer to at least one question. :)

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    Wow, your site looks great!  I also think the new  Metro is  great!



    I agree the site is looking great. Good use of color. Two suggestions…. the different sized banners at the bottom of the right sidebar don’t sit well. Might be worth changing them to a similar shape like 300x300px. And also the bottom widgets could do ith a bit more work.

    But overall looks great :-)

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    Which slider are you using?



    Would you believe we sometimes get more interaction with the 160px skyscraper ads than we do with the 300px square ones? So the skyscrapers are going to stick around, but I do plan to look into making them spaced a little better… just not a hgh priority at the moment.

    I am a little stuck in making the Paypal buttons and the WP-Polls look right in Metro. Right now they look awful (and that’s why the Paypal donate buttons are in the bottom widget for now :)

    The slider is the Genesis Responsive Slider.

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    Looks great. I like the slider.

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