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    Wondering what might be the simplest way to make the header responsive in Prose? Header is set to 940px wide and is cutting off midway on mobile. Adjusting the width in the media queries didn’t quite work for me, so wondering how I might do it correctly?


    site visible here:


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    I have this same issue. Unfortunately I’m not sure what to do about it either.


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    bump. I need this too.


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    Hello guys,

    My name is Paul and I’m only new here. But I am also having this issue. I have been in contact with support over it and they basically suggested I come here. I am very confused over this. As I explained to support, this did not happen for me in version 1.0 of Prose.

    They made some suggestions, including mainly that I have to pay to have this “fixed”. But after paying $92 Aussie dollars for Genesis/Prose I’m entirely frustrated why this happening too and why I should need to pay to have this patched up.

    I thought Prose was supposed to be fully responsive?? The last version worked alot better as far as responsiveness goes.

    Support didn’t respond when I told them numerous times that this was not an issue for me with version 1.0.

    Hopefully I can contribute more to this as time goes on.

    Best wishes to you all

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    I’m really surprised that this is a standard problem out of the box. For a theme marketed as “responsive”, it isn’t! This is also marketed as the theme to use if you’re not a coder, but apparently I need to code or hire a coder to fix it? C’mon, Studiopress! You’re better than this!


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    I tried this Responsive Header plugin that was suggested elsewhere in the forum and it didn’t fix the issue. It made my header appear very, ridiculously small on my phone.

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