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    I am using the Manhattan theme but I’m sure the answer to this would be the same for any theme. I want to have some of my main menu items just headings for my dropdowns so I want them unclickable and not to show the hand cursor. I have seen examples of sites based on Manhattan that have done this. Here is one example, not my own…  It is the galleries item that I am referring to here.



    Dashboard > Menus > Custom URL. Put # in the URL, and give the menu item a name.

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    Posh John

    I usually do as Susan suggested – but it will still be clickable. I had a search around and have read the following:

    Put anything you like in the URL field and add it to the menu. Once it is there, click on it to edit it and delete what is in the URL field (leaving the name) then save the menu.

    This is reported to have the effect you desire although i must confess that i have never tried this – may be worth a bash!

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    Perfect, thankyou so much

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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