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    I’ve got no clue what that hack did or didn’t do to the core. Or anything else. I did find that she had deleted all the default themes and I had to re-install them. That left me scratching my head and saying those three words I can’t type here. :D

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    Exactly, I cannot think of another reason why a fresh copy of Genesis core would be doing this, unless some options have been changed in a negative way, since those would be preserved between installs.



    This is what has been done so far without ANY change in the functionality of the menus when a Genesis child theme is active:

    – Checked child theme files (already know Genesis was up to date…so only needed to check child theme)
    – Checked menu, renamed, added, removed and added items again
    – Activated and deactivated plugins
    – Deactivated theme and then reactivated
    – Reset permalinks… again
    – Put through a slug URL sanitization
    – Made sure plugins that were installed were up to date and no errors
    – Played with some of the widgets containing adverts
    – Added a z-index on the navigation menus

    Oh and WP has been updated more than once.

    However, when a default WP is active, everything works correctly. This has me COMPLETELY stumped.

    I’m trying a DB repair now and then a a fresh install of WP to see if it changes anything. I’m am still convinced it’s the child theme but cannot figure out where the issue is.








    Ok, problem solved. After a database repair/optimization, reinstalling WP updates several times and going through the code with a fine toothed comb and a second pair of eyes, the only thing that worked was a fresh install of WP and re-import of data.

    I still have no clue why the default themes worked fine but Genesis did not. Two days, several hours and many tired brain cells later, it’s all fixed. I think next time a client has a problem with their site, I’m just going to do a fresh WP install and work backwards. That will save them money and me time. LOL


    Susan Nelson

    Glad you got it figured out! Whew!

    Susan Nelson | Oh, Hello Designs | Twitter | Facebook

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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