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    Hi There,

    I’m feeling a bit doh doh head here, but I just started working with the Metro Pro theme and have gone in circles around how to configure the menus to no avail. I’m not completely new at wordpress and have used several freebie templates and have never had issues with menu/categories. I’ve gone through the documentation on this template to no avail, seems vague. Can anyone point to examples, or other posts or documentation on configuring these for this theme?

    Also, I noticed on the Genesis>Theme Settings, (under Screen Options) I made the mistake of clicking a radio button labeled ‘Number of Columns’ (it only has one option – 1) and there is no way to deselect the radio button. The site went into single column mode. Maybe I’ve been looking at this too long today. Any help and direction appreciated.


    Go to Appearance > Menus. At the top select the menu you want to use for the Primary Nav, and open it up. Then scroll down and put a checkmark in the Primary box and Save it. Repeat the steps for the Secondary Nav. As for the screen options – open it back up again, click the radio button that says 2 and it should go to two columns.



    Thanks anitac, but wondering if we’re talking same theme. I’ve tried several combinations, and can’t seem to get ‘any’ menu item to show up on my page. Maybe it’s a paradigm thing for me and these menu structures for this theme. Would love to see a completed site so I could go in and mimic the setup – would think there would be more in their documentation. I’m trying to get anything to show up across the top of my page. If you look at the Metro Pro Preview Page – it shows:

    As for the one column / two column, there is no “2” column option. I was probably not specific enough, but this is under the “Genesis” template set-up (not the Metro Pro). If you go to Genisis>Screen options, perhaps you will see what I am referring to. When I hit the page several days ago, I clicked the unchecked one column radio button, it became active, and there is no 2 column radio option to click to deselect the one column option.



    The tabs will only show up if you have imported the Demo XML file. Did import the demo content?



    No, did not import the Demo. So I will do that, thanks. So what is their definition of a menu? I’m considering the links across the top of the page and then the category tabs as menu items, the navigation of the site. Am I wrong? Wouldn’t think it would take the demo xml file to have those show up. Without that file loaded, where do their “menu” items appear?



    Well the Demo is just a representation of the features and functions. the Menus provide the Navigation – yes and you have to create that Menu/Navigation under Appearance > Menus and then attach it to a Primary Navigation or the Secondary Navigation – checking the boxes for one of the other.


    Jen Baumann

    Hi Scott!

    To set up the theme like the demo, the tutorials for this are here

    To set up the navigation menus see:

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