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    Another issue for Metro Pro in Chrome is the primary nav menu, on initial load, the menu takes up twice the vertical space as it should, as though there are too many menu choices and the overflow is forcing it to a second line. Reload and the menu goes back to normal. This happens even when you have only one button. Removing the Primary Navigation Extras on the right side and just setting it to none, the problem goes away. I was running the date display on the right, but I can go without for now. Again, this is strictly a Chrome issue, all other browsers are OK.



    I’m curious. This doesn’t happen with the StudioPress demo nor my own demo setup (with Chrome) so a few questions are in order:

    Does this happen in Chrome without any extensions installed?
    Does this only happen with a specific machine or multiples?
    OS: PC? Mac? Linux?

    Have you modified the menu CSS or structure in some way?
    Have you added CSS classes to any menu items?
    Have you modified the CSS for li items?
    How many menu items in Primary?

    Link to your site? Screenshots?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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