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    Hi everyone,
    My company is interested in using the Metro theme, and I’ve made a mock-up of how we’re hoping things will look. I just had a few questions to see what is possible. We are thinking of purchasing the Metro theme, but my office wants to first make sure my design ideas are possible.

    We haven’t changed the design too much. Here is an image of our blog design: Image preview

    My questions for the Metro theme are:
    1. Is it easy to change the diagonal grey lines to a different image (orange dots)? Would make it less scalable and mobile-friendly?

    2. On the Metro Demo ( every section says “Featured Story.” I’ve changed them to Create and Community—is it easy to change fonts and header text?

    3. Can we have several blog posts with large photos (not featured in my mockup), rather than just one? In general, is it easy to select how many blog posts you want show on the page, and what size/where they will show up? For example, can I have 3 blog posts under the “Create” header, and 3 under the “Community” header?

    Thank you for any help you can give. Studiopress seems lovely to use, and while we don’t want to stray too far from the original design or make things too complicated, we want to see if it’s possible to do these few tweaks.


    #1, you can take the images that come with the theme, create your own in the same size and put those into the CSS.
    #2 Featured Story is just a title on the widget, you can change that to whatever you want.
    #3 Yes

    Are you familiar with the Genesis Framework? Have you ever worked with it before?



    1) the diagonal grey lines come from an 8×8 pixel png image file in the themes folder. you could create an image, same size with same name and replace exiting file. that way you don’t have to worry about changing the css. if you have a different size, then you would need to update the css file. pretty easy to do.

    2) yes

    3) yes you can specify how many blog entries to show, the come with the predefined image size. the two middle posts there Create & Community come from a special widget. I don’t use it with my site, so not 100% sure if you can display more than one. if not, you might have to do come coding

    hope this answers some of your questions



    Thank you all for the answers! Anitac, I haven’t used Genesis before but I’ve been researching it. It seems great to use! I wanted to know these few bits of info to share with my colleagues and make sure Metro fit our needs.

    Thank you, Devnick, for your answers! I’m glad it seems possible, and thank you for giving me info on the 8×8 pixel image. Really appreciate it!



    @joseluis6000 if you need some help along the way, feel free to use this forum or send me an email on my website. I’d be glad to help you. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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