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    I’m having a css issue with Mindstream I can’t figure out.

    When something is bolded in the visual editor it shows in the editor but not on the published page in Chrome. Looks fine in Firefox and safari, but not Chrome. Of course that’s the browser the client uses.

    Here’s a test page we set up http://personalgeneralcounsel.com/test-page

    And you can see it’s displaying the text fine in everything but Chrome.
    BOLD>>Nulla a urna vel ante accumsan sollicitudin. Vivamus nec luctus magna.
    I’d really appreciate some help.


    Nick Davis

    Hi – if it helps (maybe not!) it’s displaying as bold on Chrome on my Mac, screenshot link below:


    I also tested it on a PC (no screenshot unfortunately) and it was OK there too

    Not sure what else to suggest other than clearing your cache if you having the same problem still?

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    Odd, I’ve emptied my cache etc and still dont see it but it looks fine on my friend’s mac. Thanks for the verification Nick!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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