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    I’ve reviewed the forum and found several people have had the same problem as me with the background image in Minimum Pro. I also discovered through this review the great resource that is “Sridhar Katakam” and his page

    Does anyone have some good tips or recommendations on file size (i.e. pixel dimensions of the drawing template) of a background image?

    I’ve used the theme on a few sites and usually just modify the same image template I’ve built in Photoshop, but it usually requires a few tweaks depending on the image content to get it right.



    Size wise: 1600×1200 or larger would be best, but bigger means larger file size. A 4:3 aspect ratio would work best as most computer screens are that (or close) and it’s easy to crop that to 16:9, but cropping 16:9 to 4:3 loses a lot of data.

    Possibly relevant:

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