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    I’m trying to remove the tagline on my site – or at least tighten up some of the space below my background image and featured widgets.

    First, I tried removing the tagline – as explained here and here –

    When I try those, my background image vanishes. I think it’s because of this part of code (line 518) ties the background image to the tagline (but I don’t know how to fix it!)

    .minimum .site-tagline {
    margin-top: 600px;
    margin-top: 60rem;

    So – instead of removing the tagline, I tried to just tighten up that space by making the tagline area smaller – I reduced the padding and margins here (to 5px and 5px):

    .site-tagline {
    background-color: #ffffff;
    margin-top: 60px;
    padding: 40px 0;

    That works great on the homepage, but not so much on other pages – without that padding, the top of my content is cut off.

    I have restored (almost) everything to defaults – the only change I have right now are making my background image smaller by changing line 518 from 600px to 500px.

    BTW – The home page and “News” page are the only pages with content.



    You should be able to remove the tagline by editing your functions.php file located at Comment out the following line:

    //add_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'minimum_site_tagline' );

    That will get rid of the tagline on all pages. Hope this helps!

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    Hi Austin,

    Thanks for replying. I’ve tried that – it’s basically what was suggested in the threads I linked to (but I did try it again just now) – when I do that – the background image vanishes and my content is smushed at the top of the page just under the header.



    I made Sridhar Katakam’s modifications to make the background image truly responsive (), so the background image doesn’t disappear on me, but what’s happening on my site is that the primary nav bar disappears on everything but the home page when the width of the window is great than 1023 pixels. Very strange.

    I also had the same behavior when I set all of the .site-tagline styles to display:none. I just can figure out what’s covering up the primary navbar when the window width is so wide.



    OK. So, I played around with this a little bit more and figured out how to fix my problem with the nav bar. The problem was that the header was covering up the nav bar. What I did was change the site-header position to static from fixed, and the nav bar popped right out. It now seems to work OK at all window widths.

    btw, I meant to include the link to Sridhar Katakam’s post on how to make the background image truly responsive instead of using backstretch. The link to this is

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