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    Super Duper

    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve gone through a few different suggestions to make the background image on Minimum Pro (disabling backstretch, attempting to make it responsive) but nothing seems to work for me. I’ve tried the following 2 sites:

    What I need is for the image to be responsive on mobiles and ipads rather than cut off the sides, and look… well not so good.

    The site is

    Thanks for any help!


    The site is

    This redirects to a site using Parallax Pro. Did you give up on Minimum Pro?

    The background image with Minimum Pro is responsive, however I’ve noticed that it does cut off the bottom portion of the image at smaller screen sizes.

    Perhaps you can provide some additional detail?

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    Super Duper

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I had given up on Minimum Pro as though the image was a little responsive, the image I had chosen was being cut off – as you mentioned – with smaller screen sizes and was completely obscure on a phone or tablet.

    I’d found a couple site directing how to make the image fully responsive but could never get them to work and always ended up reloading a fresh functions.php back into the directory. Finally, I had to admit defeat and move on to Parallax Pro (which is amazing, but still not what I want for this project)

    If you have any suggestions of where to look or how to make Minimum Pro fully responsive they’d be greatly appreciated.




    I am having the exact same issue with the Minimum Pro theme. I tried the solutions referenced by the original thread here with no success and also end up reloading a fresh functions.php file back into the directory each time.

    I would appreciate any suggestions as well. My site is (wonky image display… which is a bummer as I really do like my header photo!)

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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