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    One of these I will be able to no longer say, “I am new at these”, but for now I need to be put in the right direction.

    I am currently building my site using Minimum Pro. I only have one post at this time. On the Blog page, I would like the posts to display like on the front page (eventually I will consider moving them from the front page), with a set number of characters. Since my site is currently in maintenance mode I cannot refer you to my site, but here is an example from another site of what I would like to do, I believe this example is using featured images.

    I changed the content archives to display excerpt and I tried changing the display content with 200 characters, but neither of those did the trick. That leads me to believe, I am missing something.

    I do not need the images like in the example I provided, but knowing what to do with and without images would be helpful.



    Minimum Pro uses the grid loop in its front-page.php file. Try editing that file by finding this toward the bottom:

    //* Genesis grid loop
    function minimum_grid_loop_helper() {
    	if ( function_exists( 'genesis_grid_loop' ) ) {
    		genesis_grid_loop( array(
    			'features'              => 0,
    			'feature_image_size'    => 0,
    			'feature_content_limit' => 0,
    			'grid_image_size'       => 0,
    			'grid_content_limit'    => 250,
    			'more'                  => __( '[Read more]', 'minimum' ),
    		) );
    	} else {

    That content limit is what you’ll need to change.

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    Thanks for the reply Andrea, but my question was in regards to the blog page. Currently the one post that I have is showing the full content on the blog page. I want it working more like how Carrie has it working on her blog page (mentioned in my previous post). It would be nice to know how to do that with or without an image.





    I found something that gets me most of the way to what I want. The issue is that the only way to get to the post is to click on the post title. There is option for “Read More” or “Continue Reading”.

    /* Modify the length of post excerpts */
    add_filter( 'excerpt_length', 'sp_excerpt_length' );
    function sp_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    	return 50; // pull first 100 words





    I have no idea why the Content Archives with display post content and limiting the number of characters was not working, but for some reason after I decreased the number of blog posts from 5 to 1, it worked as expected. It even continued to work as I moved up from 1 to 5. At least it worked on this computer. I will check another computer later.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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