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    I’m not sure if I deleted it, or if it’s MIA, but my installation of Minimum doesn’t seem to be generating the div id=”home-featured” block.

    I didn’t see this in the code snippets – does someone have the function to add home-featured to functions.php?

    Thank you.



    To be clear, the widgets for “home-featured-1″ etc are being registered in functions.php, and I can drag widgets into the areas on the Appearance > Widgets page, but they do not display. In reviewing the html output the div that would contain them is not present.



    Ah, I see the problem, and that changes my question.

    I had set the home page to static – when I set it to posts I can see the home page widgets.

    So what I really want to do is simply add a widget to a column class on a static home page, which will contain the Genesis Responsive Slider.

    Current link:

    My goal is to put the image slider in the large whitespace area on the left.

    Thank you for any pointers!



    Try this:

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    Thanks for that, gets me going in the right direction.

    I’ve got my new widget registered, but I don’t want it to appear instead of the sample.jpg (as the tutorial does) — I want to add it to a post.

    Is there a way to, say, add a hook to Genesis Simple Hooks to pick up the new widget, or perhaps create a shortcode to add the widget into any post? I only really need it in one (static home page post)….

    I want to put the widget inside the div class=”one-half first” block on

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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