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    I’m getting setup with the Minimum Theme and I have some questions. My website is at


    1) How do I remove breadcrumbs from the ‘Blog’ page? I currently have my breadcrumbs set to pages only.


    2) How do I replace the Gradskills title with a logo that remains in its current position? I.E. on the same line as the ‘header-right’ menu as it’s currently positioned? When I try to add the header it’s asking for a 1140×100 image that is above the menu bar.


    3) On my homepage, I want to increase the font size of the title text overlay on the image (where it says ‘Graduate Jobs & Internships’). This is being pulled from a ‘title’ of a registered widget… can I isolate this to style it?


    Really appreciate the help!




    Never mind about point number 3, I figured it out :)

    However, I do still need help with 1 and 2… I think these should be easy!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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