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    Re: That site looks really awful.  Its hard to take it seriously.

    We updating and redesigning the main site, we know it does not meet the web standards as we need, however its build on responsive design template in a background and it has limitations!

    Technology we use for Custom Mobile web Design has far more advance features than responsive design templates will have anytime soon, however responsive design is not bad option if you can afford, but it still has lots of limitations

    If someone want to try out our platform and build a custom mobile website for themselves and see how that would bring them step ahead of competition, than you welcome to ask us for a free testdrive.




    Robert Neu

    Hey, annoying crappy mobile site spam guy, nobody cares. Go away.

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    I am using an instant mobile builder called  <a href="" title="InstantMobile">.

    It is a user friendly CMS that adapts well to anyone using blackberry, android or any other iOS and smartphones of any size. I am getting a good analytics after using this platform with less bounce rate. I think our customers are happy to view our mobile website with this CMS. There are options to customize the mobile website according to one’s requirement.



    Smells like an advertisement for an incredibly expensive product.



    I have used  a very good and powerful mobile site creator. Easy to use.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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