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    Jim Stalker

    Love this theme but have a few questions.

    1. On the services section how to align the CTA action button to center?

    2. On the services section how to insert this landing page  with a CTA on it. You can see I have a crude landing page but when I sub that in on the widget – it wants to redirect to com not the landing page.

    3. Finally still lost on the Author Box. I asked this before and you said “check the box on the settings. Did that, nothing happend. Perhaps just a bit more detail pretty please?


    Hi Jim, I’m just working with this theme too and learning how it works. It is a bit different to some of the other themes, as far as functionality is.

    What do you mean ‘CTA’?

    Re #2 – do you mean you want people to click on the services section menu item to go to  In which case you need to edit this in the menu section, under Appearance. If that’s not what you mean, perhaps explain a little more?

    Re #3 – I haven’t seen the previous discussion. Did you have a plugin installed for the Author Box or what were you doing for that?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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